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4 Solid Reasons You Shouldn't Fear Getting Dental Implants

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Are you suffering from a loose or missing tooth? If that's the case, dental implant surgery can offer the perfect solution for your condition. Implants are an excellent way to maintain your facial outlines and preserve the alignment of adjacent teeth.

While there are numerous advantages associated with dental implants, most patients fret over the sheer mention of surgery for dental implants. Some fear that the procedure might result in discomfort, pain, or other complications. However, there's no need to agonize over undergoing dental implant surgery. Read on for four reasons why you shouldn't be apprehensive about this life-changing procedure.

1. You Undergo Thorough Consultation and Pre-Surgical Evaluation

After scheduling an appointment with your dentist, you may undergo a thorough oral examination and digital imaging of your dental structure to determine your jawbone density. The dentist should explain all the steps involved in a dental implant surgery while addressing potential concerns regarding the procedure and post-operation recovery.

Additionally, the dentist might expound more on the dental implant options available. For example, the dentist might recommend appropriate surgery alternatives, including single implants, multiple implants, or implant-retained dentures. Pre-surgical evaluation might also involve processes like optical triangulation and coherence tomography to take impressions of your dental structure for enhanced accuracy during surgery.  

Where necessary, your dentist might ask for a medical history report to ascertain whether you have any underlying medical conditions that might jeopardize the surgery. If the dentist finds anything concerning, they might consult your family doctor for more insights into your health condition. These consultations and pre-surgical evaluations help allay any fears concerning your dental implant surgery.

2. Dentists Use Local Anesthesia to Numb the Pain

Another reason why you shouldn't feel anxious about a dental implant surgery is your dentist will often use various local dental anesthetics like lidocaine and mepivacaine to reduce pain and numb the area. As a result, you will remain conscious while feeling little or no pain while the dentist fits the implant.

However, there is also the option of sedation if you are too nervous about undergoing dental implant surgery. Your dentist might recommend mild, moderate or deep sedation, also known as Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC). During deep sedation, you wouldn't be conscious of your surroundings, and before you know it, the dentist will have concluded the procedure.

Overall, your dentist will recommend an entirely stress-free solution to ensure you're comfortable during the entire dental surgery.

3. Modern Surgical Methods Create Minimal Discomfort

The advancements in dental technology have been impressive. Modern equipment and advanced techniques allow dentists to insert implants with minimal disruption to a patient's gum tissue. Dentists may also stitch up dental incisions with self-absorbing sutures which means there is no need to pull them out after healing.  

If the pain relief option isn’t very effective, the dentist can also recommend the ideal over-the-counter drugs to calm the pain. After the implants heal, you shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort.

4. Dental Implants Look Natural and Can Last a Lifetime

After the dental implant surgery, your dental implants will look natural. You can rest assured that the surgery is a one-and-done process. Generally, the surgically implanted screw can last a lifetime, meaning you won't have to undergo any other dental implant surgery for the same tooth.

A radiant smile means a lot to a patient's oral health. One way to achieve that is through dental implant surgery. Dental implant surgeries have become an increasingly popular solution for people with missing teeth. If you are worried about going for dental implant surgery, these five reasons will hopefully change your mind.

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